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Microsoft? Windows(TM) Telephony Unattend

quicktimeessentials.qtr   QuickTime Resource File
csc.exe   Visual C# Command Line Compiler  命令行编译器
uplive.dll   Kingsoft Antispy Uplive 猎豹安全浏览器升级模块
srloc.dll   Microsoft Speech Recognition Locale Handlers
bdeui.dll   Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption User Interface
Windows BitLo..
vaultsvc.dll   Credential Manager Service 凭据管理服务
mxresmgr.dll   MxResMgr
opera.dll   Opera Internet Browser
acadbtn.dll   AutoCAD Button Resource Library
D7Reg.exe   Delphi
Agtbho.dll   ScreenScraper SDK
PWLib.dll   Equivalence Portable Windows Library 等价便携式 Windows 库
CNCI160.DLL   WIA Scanner Driver Image Enhancement dll 扫描仪驱动图像增强的DLL
wpdsobj.dll   Windows Portable Device Shell Service Object
iessetup.dll   iessetup.dll
sqlint32.dll   Borland Database Engine
avengine.exe   Enhanced On-Access Anti-Malware Protection.
sym_u3.sys   Symbios Ultra3 SCSI Miniport Driver
ex198x.sys   ESS alegro PCI Audio
Xdrm.dll   Xdrm Module
nvapi.dll   NVIDIA NVAPI Library, Version 96.86
d3dx10_34.dll   Microsoft Direct3D
xmlsecurity.dll   xmlsecurity.dll
wksshelp.dll   Microsoft® Works SS/DB Help
Radesvc.exe   Citrix Streaming Client Service
Realgwtguiserver.exe   Web Application Firewall - SmartWAF File extensions e..
Realsvc.exe   realsvc.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable ..
Redbellihome-server.exe   redbellihome-server.exe File extensions exe : The EXE..
Redifftoolbar.dll   IE Toolbar
Redirector.exe   redirector.exe - BlackBerry(R) - Research In Motion Limited ..
Regcap.exe   Microsoft (R) Visual Studio registry capture utility
Restore.exe   Restore.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable ..
Rfnp32.dll   NetProvider DLL
Amsger.exe   Active Messenger(恒创企业信使)是一款专为企业定制的即时消息系统, ..
Roxioupnprenderer9.exe   Roxio LiveShare Service - CommonSDK - Sonic Solutions ..
Runasadminshellext.dll   Implements RunAsAdmin Shell Extensions
Runcasino.exe   RunApp MFC Application - RunApp Application File exte..
R9te6mscu9.sys   r9te6mscu9.sys
Rdwm1049.sys   Rdwm1049.sys
Recphone.sys   newman RECPhone driver
Apfipxx.sys   APFIP Engine Driver - V3Pro 2004 - AhnLab, Inc. Filetype..
Antispyware.sys   antispyware.sys Filetype : driver A device driver is a..
Afsd_service.exe   OpenAFS Client Service - OpenAFS for Windows - OpenAFS Project ..
Afmain.exe   Main Application - V3 Internet Security - AhnLab, Inc. F..
Amontdnt.sys   AhnLab Network Filter Driver, Level 2 - AhnLab Network Products - ..
Alzx9p.sys   alzx9p.sys Filetype : driver A device driver is a prog..
Alsfm.sys   Avance FM Synthesis Adapter Driver
Alidevice.sys   Windows NT alipay kernel module
Adsldpcq.dll   adsldpcq.dll Filetype : Dll A Dll file (Dynamically-Li..
A8bbf700.sys   a8bbf700.sys Filetype : driver A device driver is a pr..
Ahcix86s.sys   AMD Technology AHCI Compatible Controller Driver for Windows family ..
Adminproxy.exe   AdminProxy Module - Script Manager - Ericsson Enterprise AB ..
Adexplorer.exe   Active Directory Editor - Sysinternals ADExplorer - Sysinternals -..
Ad.exe   AutoDialogs executable - AutoDialogs - MetaProducts corp. ..
Addolimg.sys   Addol.com - Addol Filetype : driver A device driver is..
Actualtransparentwindowcenter.exe   Actual Transparent Window - Actual Transparent Window - Actual Too..
Activator.dll   Activator Control - Activator - America Online, Inc. Fil..
Action.exe   ActionOutline - ActionOutline - Green Parrots Software F..
Acepta.dll   Acepta.com Autoridad Certificadora - Acepta.com Autoridad Certificad..