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bitsprx2.dll   Background Intelligent Transfer Service Proxy. 后台智能传..
divaprop.dll   DIVA Client for Windows 2000
Windows ISDN 驱动 相关文件.
sqlsrv32.dll   Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver
msstools.dll   Microsoft PKM Search Support Tools
wuapp.exe   Windows Update Application Launcher / Windows Updat..
setbcdlocale.dll   MUI Callback for Bcd
snmpapi.dll   SNMP Utility Library
nvrszhc.dll   NVIDIA Simplified Chinese language resource library / NVIDIA的简体中文语..
wsdapi.dll   Web Services for Devices API DLL 设备API DLL 的Web服务
bass_mpc.dll   Musepack add-on for the BASS library
van.dll   View Available Networks  查看可用网络
kbdsg.dll   Swiss German Keyboard Layout 瑞士德语键盘布局
msmmsp.dll   Mount Point Manger Sysprep Utility Library
mscorsvw.exe   .NET Runtime Optimization Service .NET运行优化服务进程
kasearch.dll   Kingsoft Software Search Tool
ehchhime.dll   Media Center Chinese Triple Tap Input Module
sharemediacpl.dll   Share Media Control Panel 共享媒体控制面板
sdiagprv.dll   Windows Scripted Diagnostic Provider API
Windows 脚本诊断提供程序AP..
fveui.dll   BitLocker Drive Encryption UI / BitLocker 驱动器加密UI
fact.exe   Product activation tool 产品激活工具
ccmsg.dll   Control Center Message Plugin 控制中心的消息插件
plds4.dll   PLDS Library
wmcommon.dll   WinMount3 Dynamic Link Library
actmutant.dll   actmutant.dll
a0097021.dll   Distributed COM Services
aimb.exe   SurfSentinal
Asc.sys   AdvanSys SCSI Controller Driver
Airsvcu.exe   Media Manager Indexer
OLE 这是一个用于在硬盘上建立索引文件和文件夹,在Micr..
admxprox.dll   IIS Admin Ex Com API Proxy dll / Windows IIS 相关文件.
cute4032b.exe   Windows FTP Client
Agentsrv.exe   Agent Service Module
1661.dll   Adobe EPIC EULA DLL
adpahci.sys   Adaptec Windows SATA Driver
tapiup.dll   tapiup.dll
Rar.exe   用法:     rar <命令> -<开关 1> -<开关 N..
ooaafoeg.dll   木马文件,建议立即删除
aec.sys   Microsoft Acoustic Echo Canceller
Sandbox.SYS   Sandbox.SYS
ximage.exe   Windows Imaging Utility xpsrchvw.xml   xpsrchvw.xml
WINOLDAP.MOD   Windows NT Non-Win16 application shell
PrintMon.exe   PrintMon Microsoft 基础类应用程序
PicasaUpdater.exe   Picasa
vrinda.ttf   vrinda 字体文件
MMxpt.dll   MMxpt
yz1.dll   YZ1 encode/decode DLL
xcr645mi.dll   xcr645mi.dll
Radio.exe   radio.exe
Raova.exe   raova.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable (p..
Rassduming.exe   rassduming.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executab..
Rivers.scr   Rivers.scr
Regtlibv12.exe   Visual Studio RegTLib - Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 - Micros..
Regtool.exe   RegTool MFC Application - RegTool Application - Pinnacle System..
Regxplor.dll   regxplor DLL
Remotepassclient.exe   RemotePassClient File extensions exe : The EXE execut..
Rfwstub.exe   Rising Personal FireWall Service Rfwstub - Rising Personal FireWa..
Rhce64j0ej53.exe   rhce64j0ej53.exe File extensions exe : The EXE execut..
Rmclockhlt.exe   RightMark CPU Clock Utility HLT command loop - RightMark CPU Cloc..
Rnadirmultiplexor.exe   RNA Directory Client Multiplexor (A) - FactoryTalk Product nam..
Rooster.exe   Rooster Feeds Aggregator - Rooster - Brana Bujenovic (Author) ..